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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
AFAIK all cars coming here are already spoken for. The whole country is getting only 30 cars tops. A guy behind me on the list tried to wrestle the car by actually paying for the full car in cash (he actually gave the money to the dealer) while I was negotiating finance.

Fortunately the dealer was true to its word and waited for my credit to get through.

Getting a BMW here and importing it to the U.S. wouldnīt work IMHO. First, BMWs here are somewhere around 20% more expensive than in the U.S. when comparably equipped. Secondly, we get euro-spec cars which I think you couldnīt certify for the U.S. without major hassle and expense.

It might be worth it for a total BMW nut if you were getting a car that isnīt available there, like a 130i hatch (BTW there is a beautiful M-Sport 130i hatch at a dealer here that they just canīt sell) or an X1. Huge expense and financially idiotic but at least a car like that would be truly rare in the U.S.
BMW marketing started to play the same Apple Iphone marketing games..Oh well, I won't be in the market for another carone till maybe 2015, by that time who knows??? Thanks for the info
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