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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
Well, I guess insurance companies in California didn't get the memo.

I went though 3 different insurance companies in the past 2 years. Every single one jacked up my rates as soon as they saw accidents on my record.

Mercury originally refused to insure me. I have 1 at-fault accident ($900 worth of damage paid by another insurance company) and 3 not-at-fault accidents. They claimed that I am a bad driver for getting into the accidents even though 2 of out 3 i was rear-ended white sitting at the light and another one had my car hit on a parking lot, while I was inside starbucks getting coffe. After 2 of those accidents fell off my record due to being over 3 years old, I was able to get insured with Mercury but at a higher price. After another accident fell off, they dropped the rates at the time of renewal.

Mind you, it was the same story with AAA, Liberty Mutual and Geico. They do care for the payout amount, even though it was paid by another company.

Also, in California, as soon as your insurance policy is cancelled or expires, insurance company notifies DMV within 48 hours and your drivers license gets suspended immediately
License gets suspended? Don't you mean registration? There is no way they can suspend your DL for not having insurance! You must be brain washed by those stupid radio commercials.

Op, I say you get that premium insurance through the rental agency. A buddy of mine had a solo TC about two years ago and the accident never appeared on his record.