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Footie and Shift:

It seems that I had a few misconceptions about the drivability of a mid-engined sports car. I always knew that the mid-engined setup would be quicker, but I imagined it would be harder to drive at the limit - it's comforting to hear this is not the case.

Also, do note that I am NOT questioning the performance ability of the Cayman. I would at the drop of a hat take a Cayman R over the 1//M, it's not even up for debate in my mind. I just hope that Porsche sticks with a large lineup of naturally aspirated engines - although that is wishful thinking.

Footie, I wonder if the complaints that reviewers have about the 1//M stems from the aggressive torque curve? BMW likes to tout that the engine delivers near-maximum torque at very low RPMs, and I wonder if this contributes to its instability in comparison to the M3. It's very disappointing in my mind, given how easily the M3 can be driven to its limits. I always thought this had to do with the suspension and tire setup in an M3 being set up for slight understeer - but perhaps I was wrong.