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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
I agree with the bulk of your post. 2 parts I'd like to raise issue with, however:

1.) I think the 1//M is a closer competitor to the Cayman R than you and others acknowledge. In the United States in particular, the price difference is ~$15,000 more (approximately the same price as an E92 M3) for the Cayman R. Also, the 1//M is arguably set up the best for the track out of all the //M cars - it's relatively light on frills, bells and whistles in comparison to the M3 and the old M5. 15 grand is not a small pocket of change, but it certainly places the car in the mind of a car shopper, particularly when both cars have a similar purpose (and similar power output, for that matter!)

2.) Despite the video, I think the 1//M would be far easier to drive than the Cayman R. I don't have a great deal of experience at the wheel of a mid or rear-engined vehicle, but I'd imagine that a front-engined, rear wheel drive car is far easier to maintain close to the limit than the former two options. Just seeing all the Youtube videos of porsches encountering lift-off oversteer is enough to convince me of this!

If you take a look from a different perspective which is if I am ready to drop 70-80k, wouldn't I cross shop with a GTR and Vette more than 1M? The lens everyone looks through here is I want a 1M now lets justify why it is a better buy than others.
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