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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
See, it's impossible for a ~20+ year old to own TWO 70k+ cars without daddy. I mean, he could of inherited a fortune, or have a family owned business but that would be a different story. Nobody in their 20's is making 100k+ a year. He could be living with mommy and daddy but you still wouldn't be able to make that much bank. I run a family owned business with my father, that's why I can afford what I can. Nothing to be ashamed of. Saying he owns a 90k car and a 70k car AND wants an M5 which will be 100k+...well that's sort of a dead give away daddy is in the mix.

The only concern that I have was that no money could of really saved him if a pedestrian had come out of nowhere and was hit and with those speeds, no doubt would of been dead.
Nobody in there 20's is making 100k plus- are you kidding? You are clueless.
Plenty of 20 something here who earn a nickle plus a year. There are kids in college trading who have had 300k days. Yes, 300k in one day. Get a clue...

Ever watch Wall St Warriors? This guy "began his trading career from his college dorm room where he turned his $12,000 Bar Mitzvah money into a fully audited pre-tax sum of $1.65 million dollars."

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