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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Is it unfair to compare it with the Cayman R? Yes and No.

The only niggle about the 1M in my opinion and was part of Steve's opening comments was that it's scary to drive quick and that you need to know what you are doing or in other words it will take no prisoners if you over step the mark. Because of this fact there will be many who will love to own this car though won't necessarily have the ability to drive it properly. Bodyshops the world over with do a roaring trade because of this.
I agree with the bulk of your post. 2 parts I'd like to raise issue with, however:

1.) I think the 1//M is a closer competitor to the Cayman R than you and others acknowledge. In the United States in particular, the price difference is ~$15,000 more (approximately the same price as an E92 M3) for the Cayman R. Also, the 1//M is arguably set up the best for the track out of all the //M cars - it's relatively light on frills, bells and whistles in comparison to the M3 and the old M5. 15 grand is not a small pocket of change, but it certainly places the car in the mind of a car shopper, particularly when both cars have a similar purpose (and similar power output, for that matter!)

2.) Despite the video, I think the 1//M would be far easier to drive than the Cayman R. I don't have a great deal of experience at the wheel of a mid or rear-engined vehicle, but I'd imagine that a front-engined, rear wheel drive car is far easier to maintain close to the limit than the former two options. Just seeing all the Youtube videos of porsches encountering lift-off oversteer is enough to convince me of this!