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My underlined statement means what it says. I see one of the evils of both Christianity and Islam being their lack of accountability for how one leads one’s life. Under these dogmas you can do whatever, too whoever, and as long as you repent/find Jesus/convert before you die then all is forgiven. I call . The “devil made me do it” doesn’t work either.

This statement is false just due to your lack of knowledge about Christianity. Nothing against you but you probably didnt know this. God knows our hearts and desires. When we truely "repent" or ask for forgiveness it is then that God forgives us but, if by some chance you are looking for that "Get out of Jail Card" you are shit out of luck. the bible says: there will be people who will say at the gates of heaven "But Lord I preached in your name, I did all these good deeds." and the lord will reply "depart from me I do not know you". Its Our hearts and souls that must change to constitute salvation. If someone is truely saved they strive to become closer to God and have an intimate relationship with him. It is this behavior that shows if someone truely believes. Most people who see death coming Say "im sorry Lord please forgive me but, if their hearts and souls dont mimic that as well then they are shit out of luck".