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Originally Posted by sl0westz View Post
sorry for the disappointment to my fellow ess owners.... i showed the clip to few of my friends they all said the same thing about my shifting... can anyone shed somelight of the proper way or the best way to shift in this situtation ... running stock rubbers with about 50 percent life.... thanks
edit : maybe img can help me out here with some advice??
Hey bro,you will get wheel spin in low speed no doubt about that.and theres no disappointment,you win some and you lose some.and yes there are proper ways of shifting that i will be more than happy to explain when we all get together.Chin up brotha !!! we are all friends !!!!
Also everyone is comparing a moded M3 and a VT1 535 and neglecting that that the moded M3 is DCT.
Check out this link just to get an idea how much faster does the DCT shifts:
I yet to see or hear about a human DCT means shifting a 6MT as fast as DCT.