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Originally Posted by Glop View Post
Well speaking from experience, it's now more than 2k. It was and/or might have been 2k, it's not anymore. I have a car with contrast stitching and extended leather and I've paid more than 2k for it (4.8k with extended leather on an E93).

Again, we've had this discussion before (use search). I've dealt directly with Maria at BMW NA and Christine at BMW-M in Germany and despite what some will say it's not an error or someone not putting in the code right. Given that every individual order goes through Maria, I'd be more than surprised if you get it for 2k, but gratz to you if you do!
Glop, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. I did a search, and couldn't find the answer and I also read through a bunch of threads looking.

So you paid 4.8k just for the stitching, or for stitching plus the extended novillo leather option (2k for extended novillo, 2.8k for stitching)? Is that right?

If I wanted to get in touch with Maria at BMW NA, how would I do that?

I am really interested in ordering the stitching, but need to know the cost before doing so.

Again, many thanks in advance.