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Originally Posted by PAMidge View Post
No, you're just dumb. Report facts on things, or just don't talk about things that you don't know about.

Most of cancer is not revolved around poor dietary habits. It depends on the type of cancer, where the cancer is, and its origin.

For instance:

Lung Cancer - various types - inhalation of toxins: smoking, asbestos, etc. Also enzyme deficiencies are a cause.
Cervical Cancer - various types - most common and most aggressive due to a virus, the Human Papilloma virus
Esophageal Cancer - various types - due to reflux disease and genetic predisposition
Thyroid Cancer - many types - due to prior irradiation and genetic predisposition
Colon Cancer - genetic predisposition & in westerners with high red meat diets
Gastric Cancer - genetic predisposition & in asians with an eastern diet high in pickled foods
Breast and Ovarian - genetic predisposition and in the jewish population.
like i said, other than the genetic/hereditary predisposition, dietary habits..... smoking: dietary habit. reflux disease? it stems from dietary habits. colon: dietary habits. gastric: dietary habits. MOST cancers are linked to poor dietary habits and putting unnecessary toxins in your body. so show me where i was wrong before you call me dumb. because based off what you said... all you did was solidify my statement. and by new i obviously didn't mean new as in its existence, i meant as far as our medical understanding of it. if you couldn't grasp that maybe you are the one that is "dumb." although i am not so brazen as you to make that judgment.