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Seriously considered the IS before setting on the 330i. When at the dealer, where everything said is true, the sales person said he attended a Lexus event and drove the cars. Afterward some Pro drivers took over and also drove. He said they got on the phone with the Tech guys and disabled the traction controls via some 'code' similar sounding to this crap.

I think he was trying to snow me into believing I could buy the Lexus and find out on the internet how to disable it. There's no doubt they are losing sales dut to that stupidity. Along with the small cabin space, it was one of the major reasons I did not buy the Lexus.

BTW, BMW does have a code--hold the DTS button in for 5 s, and the nanny shuts off. If Lexus was going to have a 'code' it would be similar, not some absurdity.