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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
most revolve around poor dietary habits and depression which diminish your immune system. other times its simply hereditary and nothing can be done. but remember, cancer is a relatively new thing. furthermore, i don't quite understand you underlined statement. please elaborate.

No, you're just dumb. Report facts on things, or just don't talk about things that you don't know about.

Most of cancer is not revolved around poor dietary habits. It depends on the type of cancer, where the cancer is, and its origin.

For instance:

Lung Cancer - various types - inhalation of toxins: smoking, asbestos, etc. Also enzyme deficiencies are a cause.
Cervical Cancer - various types - most common and most aggressive due to a virus, the Human Papilloma virus
Esophageal Cancer - various types - due to reflux disease and genetic predisposition
Thyroid Cancer - many types - due to prior irradiation and genetic predisposition
Colon Cancer - genetic predisposition & in westerners with high red meat diets
Gastric Cancer - genetic predisposition & in asians with an eastern diet high in pickled foods
Breast and Ovarian - genetic predisposition and in the jewish population.

And also, almost every cancer can be associated with cigarette smoking, secondary to metastasis (generally except breast and ovarian) but include Liver, renal, brain, bone, lung, and pancreas.

There are very good reasons why people with close family members with cancer too get cancer, due to genetic predispositions. Very few if any are directly linked to diet.

Get your facts straight. There's not a genetic predisposition because god put it there, but rather because we retain DNA from our family members, so therefore they have similar probabilities for mutation into cancer.

And no, cancer isn't new. Cancer is newly diagnosed. If we were able to dig up a whole lot of dead people within this century dying of "natural causes" or "unexplained causes" prior to the 1970s we'd see a whole lot of cancer.

So do we believe misinformed people unclear of reasons why people get cancer and die that well "god put it there and there must be some sort of higher meaning to why it happened" or do we believe that there are physiologic causes of things and that bad things can happen to good people for no reason?!