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Originally Posted by hav2flynow View Post
All the Bible says is: I am that I am. Beyond that, if this earth was one degree off the present orbit, we could not exist. Did you know H2O is a strange liquid, its one of the only frozen liquids that floats. If it did not have that strange trait all water life would freeze and die. There are millions of things that if they were not as perfectly placed (i believe by our creator) as they are we would not exist.

A frozen liquid is called a solid. That's why we leave science to those that can understand it.

H2O is not a strange liquid, it is actually very much understood. It has a lot of cool features due to its hydrogen bonds, which will soon help to fuel vehicles to produce no emissions in the not too distant future.

Check out this simply put article about how these formations of electrons, protons, and neutrons interact with each other to explain why stuff floats.

And if your shit floats, you have too much fat in your diet, just FYI, has nothing to do with god either. That can be loosely extrapolated to the whole hydrogen bond thing anyway...

If you want to ask something, it's not who created or what created water or any substance, that is easily explained. It is the question of what is the source of the elements of the periodic table and their origin. That is the right question, and one that will be difficult to explain - really your only bargaining chip.