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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
Why be a christian? shouldn't you be a Jew?

EDIT: Also, can someone tell me why christians believe everything in the bible has some deep interpretation or some miracle and hidden meaning. I believe God is rational and if he is presenting us a teaching to learn from it's going to be that. A textbook in essence. It's not a sudouku puzzle that needs deconstruction. its a literal teaching.
I don't know about other denominations, but I was raised a Baptist and we do believe that the Lord gave us the Bible as a guide on how to live our lives and I believe that many teachings in the Bible should be taken literally. There are things that need interpretation, but for the most part we take it literally. If there's something we don't understand and feel needs some interpretation we first pray about it and ask the Lord to show us what a particular verse or passage means.

Why be a Christian? Why not be a Jew? Well ...Judaism and Christianity are closely related, we both believe in the same God...that there is only one God, among many other things. The one difference is that Jews do not believe Christ to be the Messiah, rather a teacher. That is the biggest and most important difference between the faiths. I believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and not just a teacher, b/c of this belief and acceptance and according to John 3:16 I know that I am saved from the penalty of sin - separation from God for eternity, in hell.

I have many Jewish friends and that is my understanding - I have not studied judaism...and I have not studied other religions in any significant way, i feel no need to. I know what the Bible says is true and believe it, period.

Edit: In the grand scheme of things "religion" means very little. I do not associate with the word at all really. I do not consider myself a part of any religion, rather I have a personal relationship with Christ and that is all that matters. Things are becoming so vague and disconnected with all the various "religions" popping up all over...the foundation and fundamental roots of Christianity (followers of Christ) are being lost.

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