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Originally Posted by akh23456 View Post
i never pick the cherry ones i have always had all my info out there.I always try to have a boost log unlike some of the graphs i have seen from kits .

i don't see why you have to re-calubrate the gauge every time you turn your car on. I know what my car is running and how much psi why do i have to lie about that. i have proof as well from the boost log and still questions.
Akash,i didnt say that you lie !!!!
and the reason i said the cherry runs cause the Dynojet runs that you posted only show two runs---runs 3-4.wheres runs 1-2 and any others??
You should also make them availiable for download,you gave them to LM,why not give them to anyone else??

And regarding your boost guage:Read the instructions,it says you HAVEto recalibrate it everytime you change altitudes and etc...............

So again i didnt sy that you lie,im just asking questions based on facts !!