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Originally Posted by footie View Post
This might be an American thing where size seems to matter. Personally I'm of the opinion that it isn't as much as the size of the engine under the hood but the overall performance it gives. Not saying that the v8TT wouldn't be quicker but by no stretch of the imagination is the v6SC make the A7 slow, because it's still a bloody quick car.

If engine size was everything then the likes of the M3 wouldn't be on most people's radar.
These are big heavy cars. In my opinion a car this size needs more power and especially torque. Just makes driving around town effortless.

A7 - 310hp/325tq
CLS550 - 402hp/443tq

The TTV8 also get good gas mileage, for its power output.

A7 - 18city/28highway
CLS550 - 16city/24highway

Seems like a no brainer to me. The Audi SCV6 is fantastic, I just think it is much better in a smaller car like the S4. These cars in this class are over 4200lbs.

Not talking about engine size, but rather output. Especially in big cars like these. The 414hp M3 has no relevance here.