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Originally Posted by akh23456 View Post
If your talking about my first dyno i did not know where to tap for the boost log and i assumed that my boost gauge was reading properly. It wasn't so i said what it read that day. I knew i was heading over to Maximum Psi the next day so i would have a boost log so i didn't worry too much.
my gauge is off still i will be getting a new set of gauges in and i will get my boost gauge fixed as well. i have been reading the gauge number with what it read on the day of my boost log so i have accurate number. I havn't lied if you go on and read my dyno graphs are similar to the one from Maximum psi. The only thing its not a dj and Mike stated they read about 30-40 whp lower so it makes total sense.If you read from the boost log you can see i didn't get close to 7.5 close.
Akash: You have the p3cars boost gauge right? That boost gauge resets itself every time you start the car and doesn't store its values when turned off. You need to recalibrate it every time you use it if you want it to be accurate.

The problem here is that you're saying your boost is a full PSI lower than three other verified boost logs, and a full 1+ PSI lower than Active says is on your kit. There's also no way to verify your boost log because it's on an unknown dyno. So far we've got two verified boost logs showing 7.7 PSI on this kit, and one verified boost log showing 7.9 PSI. Which value do you think is more accurate for your car? 6.7 which doesn't match anything and can't be verified...or 7.7-7.9 that the other boost logs have shown? Don't you think calling it 7.5 is generous enough?