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Originally Posted by M Passion View Post
So a new e89 Z4M is not planned at all...
There is no mention in this article about a Z4M, but I think that Scott26 confirmed that it is under development already in a previous post. HOWEVER, current Z4sdrive35is lists somewhere around 80-90K in Canada (I'm not sure about the US), so IF it does come out it would be priced somewhere around 100K? Thats getting close to 6er cabrio territory, so to me it doesn't make much sense to do it.

These models will all sell, and I would rather see an X3M, and X4M (even though we have yet to see an X4) than an X5M and X6M because they are much smaller vehicles and would be more fun to drive as opposed to driving a muscle truck (IMHO, and my brother-in-law has an X5M and its scary fast, but too big for that kind of power).

Overall, I do tend to agree that the M division is getting too diluted, BUT if it makes business sense, and the competitors are doing it, they do have to climb on board too.

Times are changing fast, so we either need to follow suit or be left in the dust.