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Hi Warren.
I am very sorry that the transaction has not been as smooth as expected thus far. I know Nivedh personally and I can assure you he's the nicest and pickiest fellow E9x enthusiast I have ever known. He is also brutally honest.

Nivedh is the "go-to" guy for us locals when we need a good deal on a specific part and he does an impressive amount of transactions to be a private. This is his passion and he thoroughly enjoys trying new components/upgrades and selling the ones he doesn't need, it is truly his main hobby.

What saddens me about this whole situation is that there doesn't seem to be an apparently simple solution.

These are the hard facts I am working with:
  • 4 Tires paid for
  • 4 Tires shipped
  • 4 Tires received as described (prior to mounting)
  • Rear tires displayed bubbles upon install
  • Bill of sale used

Knowing Nivedh's ethics I would like to give you (Warren) and your shop the benefit of the doubt and look into possible damage during shipping. YES, it's very possible to damage the wall of a tire if it's pinched by a pallet or a poorly parked forklift during overnight storage in the warehouse. Since the tires have no pressure (not mounted), you can see how that would very easily cause sidewall damage (a theory which would be supported by the marks next to the bubbles as seen in your pics).

The problem - Warren - is that it appears you're starting to contradict yourself. How many days have passed by from the time you received the tires to the time you got them mounted? Did you notice any damage upon delivery? If you dismount the tires now, can you spot anything unusual on the surface where the bubbles appear while mounted? Are you seriously stating that you "can get the shop to say under oath that the bubbles were there prior to mounting" even though I understand you stated that the tires looked fine before being mounted (no bubbles)?

YES, I understand that bubbles can appear AFTER you mount them and inflate them, but I am looking at your apparent approach here... tires looked fine but you "can get" the shop to confirm that the bubbles were there before mounting? Based on this attitude alone I would be discouraged to give you and the shop the benefit of the doubt, wouldn't you say?

Warren, I don't know you personally. If I knew you instead of Nivedh (and assuming you and your shop weren't trying to be smart), I would probably have more compassion for your side of the story.

There seem to be way too many variables in play here, so a peaceful solution can be difficult, but I trust you will come to a mutual agreement and remain in good terms.

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