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Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
I sent them to you in the condition I stated. When the tires were in my possession, they had no damage whatsoever - no bubbles. That's a fact.

The thing that bothers me the most was that you did not say anything about if there was any damage before you got them mounted but then all of a sudden, you say in your last e-mail that you can get your tire shop technicians to be your witnesses to say that the tires had bubbles before they were mounted on the wheels. In a previous e-mail, you mentioned that bubbles won't show up until you mount and inflate the tires.

Disregarding the conflicting information, not to mention potential dishonesty, if the tires indeed had bubbles before mounting on the wheels:

1. Why didn't you tell me? I would've taken them back. I signed your bill of sale, which I treated as a legal document, saying that the tires were in excellent condition.
2. Why did the tire shop even mount them if they had bubbles before mounting?

There is no documentation that the tires had any damage the moment you received them. How do I know what happened once the tires were mounted?
Nivedh. I don't want to get into a he said/he said deal. All I want is a resolution. But if this part is hanging you up, what I wrote was a mistake -

no the tire shop did not see bubbles on the tires before they were mounted but right when they mounted the tires on my wheels. They called me and showed it to me before they even placed it on my car. Obviously they can't see bubbles on tires before they are mounted and inflated onto wheels (or so I've been told).

The only reason I told you that they would be an witness that there was bubbles on the tires when they mounted them on my wheels is that you previously accused me of driving them on my car and causing the bubbles. What I was trying to answer back in that reply was: no - there was bubbles on the tires, mounted on my wheels BEFORE the shop placed the whole wheels/tires on my car. The photos that you cite shows the tires right after they were mounted on the wheels but not on the car.

But again Nivedh, can't we just get this settled like adults? I know you are good guy.

I don't want $100.00 and a pulley. If you can come to another settlement with me, I'll be fine. Like, maybe:

Give me $100.00 and the sale of the pulley or another part you are selling on this forum?

Again, I just want this settled and not get into semantics of what he said/he said.