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Originally Posted by warzilla View Post
So my point on the bill, there is a "as is" statement, but right behind it is a statement that the Seller agrees to refund the money if its not in the condition stated. Seller signed this Bill of Sale.

As for the Seller's record, yes its clean. Hence thats why I even went and spent 1200.00 on an item from a member I don't know. But I don't know how many of those items are tires, most of his recorded deals seem to be parts it seems.
I sent them to you in the condition I stated. When the tires were in my possession, they had no damage whatsoever - no bubbles. That's a fact.

The thing that bothers me the most was that you did not say anything about if there was any damage before you got them mounted but then all of a sudden, you say in your last e-mail that you can get your tire shop technicians to be your witnesses to say that the tires had bubbles before they were mounted on the wheels. In a previous e-mail, you mentioned that bubbles won't show up until you mount and inflate the tires.

Disregarding the conflicting information, not to mention potential dishonesty, if the tires indeed had bubbles before mounting on the wheels:

1. Why didn't you tell me? I would've taken them back. I signed your bill of sale, which I treated as a legal document, saying that the tires were in excellent condition.
2. Why did the tire shop even mount them if they had bubbles before mounting?

There is no documentation that the tires had any damage the moment you received them. How do I know what happened once the tires were mounted?