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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
You drafted a bill of sale supposedly and this document says that the tires are sold "as-is" so I don't see how he's in the wrong here. If he offered 100$ plus a pulley of unknown value, I would believe you'd come close to the $300 you want. He doesn't have to give you a dime based on the document you drew up.

With that said, it sucks something awful this happened to you, but look at the guys feedback. If he was out there selling bad tires or whatever, there'd be more than one person blowing him up out there.
Actually the Bill has the following language:


Set of 4 tires. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 (2x 245/35/19, 2x 265/35/19) for a 2008 BMW M3 Coupe. Tires have less then 1500 miles of wear.

I, the undersigned Seller, do sell the above-scribed tires to the Buyer for the amount shown and certify that all of the information provided in this Bill of Sale is true and accurate to the best of the my knowledge.

I, the undersigned Buyer, acknowledge receipt of this Bill of Sale and understand understood that the above-stated tires are sold “as is” condition.

If tires are not in condition as stated by Seller, Seller will refund money to Buyer.


So my point on the bill, there is a "as is" statement, but right behind it is a statement that the Seller agrees to refund the money if its not in the condition stated. Seller signed this Bill of Sale.

And again, I'm not asking for a full refund here. I'm not here to break the guy's back or anything. I just want tires without bubbles on them, and willing to settle this for $300.00 with him.

The pulley is useless to me. Why should I get an item and then have to sell it to get my asking price for resolution?

As for the Seller's record, yes its clean. Hence thats why I even went and spent 1200.00 on an item from a member I don't know. But I don't know how many of those items are tires, most of his recorded deals seem to be parts it seems.