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Well, I see Nivedh wanted to take this public with his name.

Please note I did not.

Also note as I said in the OP, that the Seller (who outed himself as Nivedh) was very communicative and responsive on all of this.

We can go to all this he said/he said stuff and I'm happy to sort of retort to some of his misconceptions on the events that has transpired, but I would pretty much sum up the issue this way:

- Nivedh posted on this forum tires for sale, with 1500 miles and no issues
- I brought them from him and paid him $1200.00 via PayPal
- I got the tires shipped to my house, no issue and brought the wheels to the tire shop which mounted the tires. They called me immediately before putting them on my car, to tell me that there are bubbles on 2 tires. You can see in the pictures which Nivedh posted and can see that the tires aren't even on my car, but just mounted on the wheels
- In the course of the 1 1/2 months since we have talked on email (and I thank him for conversing with me during the time) Nivedh's position has been
a. Its the tire shop's fault
b. Go to a Michelin Dealer and get new tires under warranty
c. If you can't get resolution, I will get some money back to you for the purchasing of new tires

BTW- this is all documented in emails. Nivedh, please don't dispute this cause then I would be happy to show the emails where you cited these points.

I went thru every possible course, that Nivedh asked me to do, and to this point I have no choice but to get new tires for my car.

This week, I asked to finalize some money back for the tires. I settled on $300.00, which I thought was fair considering he took from me $1200.00 for defective tires and all I want is tires without bubbles. I'm willing to buy Hankooks cause they are cheaper then other tires.

He has cried poverty cause he's in grad school and has $43.00 dollars to give me plus a pulley he is selling on this forum. He later bumped up the offer of cash to $100.00 plus the pulley.

I told him that was insulting and just pay me $300.00 to settle this like two gentlemen. I personally am older then Nivedh (I think) and have a family and a job to deal with. The last thing I need to to deal with is a bad tire deal on M3Post.

So with all this said, Nivedh sold me bad tires. What he calmed on his ad did not end up with what I have in my hands. He doesn't want to have any responsibility with the sale afterward.

As the original purpose of this post, I'm asking anyone else on this forum if anyone has been in a similar situation and if there is a good solution where Nivedh and I can get this settled.

Thank you.