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I'm the member that sold warzilla the tires. I wanted to let everyone know my side of the story before this gets out of hand.

1. I bought a set of ZCP 359M wheels with Michelins with less than 1500 miles on them. They were in perfect condition when I got them and I even made a thread about it. You might even notice in some of the photos that there were no bubbles on the tires. If there were any bubbles on them, I would've noticed as, being the perfectionist that I am, I gave them a full inspection. I couldn’t even drive on them without rubbing on my 335i so I took them off, went to the local Tires Plus, and got them dismounted with no issues.

2. I posted them up on M3Post for sale and advertised them as being in excellent condition with less than 1500 miles of wear. warzilla had contacted me about them. He was insistent on having me sign a bill of sale that he had drafted up before sending me any money. The bill of sale basically says that I am selling him these tires in the condition advertised and that they are sold “as-is”. I signed, scanned, and e-mailed him the bill of sale.

3. He sent me the money via PayPal and I shipped them out via FedEx after giving them a final inspection.

4. They arrived and he got them mounted. Then he sent me an e-mail with a couple of photos showing these giant bubbles on the sidewalls of not one, but two tires! I'm as meticulous as anyone you'll find and if both tires had had two giant bubbles, I would've noticed them when I was test-fitting them on my car! Also, the photos show a few scuffs near the bubbles, which I have circled in red:

5. I talked to Michelin who said they would cover manufacturing defects for 6 years. They said they would not cover bubbles if there were signs of physical damage. I guess warzilla then contacted a Michelin dealer directly to get them checked out and such. They said they can't warranty them for whatever reason.

6. I felt bad and offered to give warzilla some money and my Evosport pulley (worth $250+) as a sign of good faith and just to compensate him for the trouble.

7. Now he is claiming that I sold him defective tires and wants $300. He had threatened to talk about it on the forums, which is why he has made this thread I guess.

8. He also e-mailed me to say that he will get his tire shop to say, under oath, that the tires had bubbles before and after they were mounted on his wheels. If these guys will be as dishonest as to do that under oath, then I don’t even know… Why did they mount them in the first place if they actually did have bubbles? You will notice that this is a complete new twist to the story. He sent me photos after the tires were mounted. How do I know if he drove on them and hit a curb or something and then took them off and sent me those photos?

He also said the equivalent of "you have a lot of mods on your car so I know you can afford the $300" and that I could be a good guy and just pay him. Well, I have tried to help and work with him and this is how I’m rewarded.

The bottom line is, the tires went out with no damage. After they left my hands, it is no longer my responsibility as I don't know how they were handled by anyone else. The bill of sale also says that the tires are sold in "as is" condition. I advertised them as having no damage and they were sent out how I advertised them. Beyond that, if someone pokes a hole in them, sets them on fire, or tries to use them as a flotation device, how is that my responsibility?

I would not knowingly sell anything damaged and these tires were certainly not damaged leaving my hands. Look at my iTrader feedback and my posts. Many members will vouch for me on E90Post. I have been an upstanding member of this community. I have tried to work with warzilla and he makes this libelous thread about me?