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Closer than you think.......

Originally Posted by 335OK View Post
One "look" modded G tailgate me last night and we had a bit fun.
That thing is fast and I couldn't walk away from it.....
The difference between the cars is not as great as you might think.

1. You have a convertible, which at 4145 lbs is about 500lbs heavier than the G37 coupe.

2. While the hp rating of the M3 motor is significantly higher, some of this is due to the M3's higher redline. If you look at the WHEEL TORQUE of the two cars, the M3 is only slightly superior. Most dyno results put the M3 motor only about 15-20lb-ft more.

3. So.....combine your significantly higher weight with only marginally better torque and you'll see that the G37 actually has a slightly better torque to weight ratio.

That said, I really think talking about how the M3 compares to other cars in terms of just straight line speed is not a worthwhile discussion. Even a Subaru with just an ECU mod could probably pull on an M3. The M3's charm lies in its overall supreme balance, dynamics, and subjective feel that no competitor can seemingly duplicate.
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