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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Actually, I think it is much easier to heel-toe on the track. On the street, you never really press the brake pedal which makes it hard to blip the throttle enough.

On the track, you press the brake pedal a lot harder so the pedal is about even with the gas. I usually blip the throttle too much when I downshift.

I think you would downshift in towards the middle of the braking zone. You have to scrub off some speed and lower the revs so you don't drop a gear and then mechanically overrev your engine.
My current car has DCT, but with prior manual transmission cars this frustrated me until I came to the above realization. On the street you're not pressing the brake pedal hard enough to get it even with the gas pedal, so it's very awkward--you feel like you have to roll your foot over and down too much to blip the throttle. On the track, things are happening faster and there is a lot more to think about in terms of timing things, turn-in, apex, etc., but at least the motion of rolling your foot and blipping is much easier and more natural.