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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Actually, I think it is much easier to heel-toe on the track. On the street, you never really press the brake pedal which makes it hard to blip the throttle enough.

On the track, you press the brake pedal a lot harder so the pedal is about even with the gas. I usually blip the throttle too much when I downshift.

I think you would downshift in towards the middle of the braking zone. You have to scrub off some speed and lower the revs so you don't drop a gear and then mechanically overrev your engine.
I also agree that it is much easier to heel-toe at the track. The M3 has a very sensitive brake pedal which makes it hard for me to heel-toe smoothly on the street. I stopped trying and the only thing I do on the street is rev-match from time to time.