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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
By CONTENT, I assume you are referring to the data, such as the names, signatures, dates, etc. I am not disputing the data. It is probably the data that would be seen when examined. Yet I do not know that to be the case as the scan provided by Obama is so full of anomalies. Nothing would be better proof than a forensic examination of the document that is claimed to be the authentic and original birth record. If Obama wanted this to end, it should be relatively easier and more satisfying for everyone than the approach he has taken for years.
Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Then I've proven my case. You've just admitted that further examination of the PDF will never result in any challenge of the data, including the location of Obama's birth.

You've proven your own futility and pointlessness in continuing to blather on about this. Yet you won't stop anyways. Again, you are proving your own character flaws, not anything about Obama.
I say that is probably the same data because I think Obama is doing this on purpose for political gain. When he sees an opportunity to use it, maybe he will allow the forensic analysis. Perhaps his tactics will backfire.

Another potential is that the reworking of the document as it appears in the PDF may be hiding a discrepancy in the data. If there is something to hide, then forensic analysis will never take place.

I think he was born in Hawaii. If it is true he was born in Hawaii, then what is he hiding? He is like the guy that pulls up to the INS check point and will roll down his window only one inch, then not answer the question that will move him along in under one minute. He may be within his rights, but it sure provokes a fight. That fight often doesn't end well.

I would rather favor the rights of the guy at the checkpoint than the guy who acts as the president of the world.