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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
I know you understand that forensic analysis will NEVER PROVE that any single piece of information is incorrect.

Why are you pretending otherwise, and acting like Nick Naylor in "Thank you for Smoking"?

The best that forensic analysis would ever do would be to prove exactly what we already know. That the PDF is not the original document, it is a scan.

Forensic analysis will NEVER PROVE that Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii.

The matter is already settled. All that is left is cleaning up the stupid,.
I am referring to forensic analysis of the paper that was scanned, as well as the binder containing it, not the PDF. In the absence of the paper, we can critically examine the thing they provided, and any other bit of information that is interesting.

I never heard of Nick Naylor in "Thank you for Smoking". Was it any good?