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Originally Posted by Enjoiyourlife View Post
I test drove the 2.0T and wasn't impressed on the highway. However, for daily driving, I found it to be peppy enough for zipping around town. Definitely would not consider the auto gear box though. The suspension and driving feel as compared to the 3 series leaves you underwhelmed, but what do you expect? Looks are subjective but I think it looks pretty good. Some of the modded ones look great.

That said, this forum is full of fanboys (especially the 335i guys ). The current 3 series is not the end-all car. It's a good car, but by no means is it great. It's too bad there are so many badge whores around these parts.
I too am not a fan of driving around a Hyundai, but hey, get what fits the bill.

I think Hyudai has made a lot of progress over the years.
A GC & a BMW are not in the same class nor was the 3 series Hyundai's aim with the GC so why are they being compared? Different cars. 2.0T model is SEVERELY underpowered. You need to drop a few GRAND into it just to get it to the STOCK power of the 3.8 V6 which is also underpowered & needs more torque.