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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post

The best settlement to any argument would be for a full forensic examination of the document and pertinent details.

ummm.. no. That's NOT the best way.

The best way is to go directly to the authoritative source of the document, and confirm that the CONTENTS of the digital PDF file match the CONTENTS of the original, regardless of the FORMAT of the PDF file.

That has already been done. The State of Hawaii has already validated the CONTENTS as accurate, regardless of format. They have done so multiple times, from both Republican and Democratic leadership. Both in writing and verbally. Both from the political side of the gov't, and from the professional side.

You have been provided with proof of all of this validation, yet choose to ignore it and choose a forensic examination that at the end WILL NEVER PROVE NOR DISPROVE THAT THE CONTENT IS NOT ACCURATE!!!!

Your methodology is faulty, and cannot ever lead to a logical conclusion on the accuracy of the CONTENTS of Obama's birth certificate.