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Drives: 2007 335xi E90
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My previous car was a 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track w/A6. I hated the car so much I sold it less than a year into owning it.

Fit & finish is garbage. Materials are crap. Interior panels scratch way too easily. Leather is too hard. My ass would hurt if I was in the car for more than an hour.

Rotors warped with less than 12k miles.
ZF Trans is crap. They made it so it cuts power if you try to get too much out of the car.
Traction control was a joke. It would cut ALL power at any sign of wheel slip aka you will die if you dont turn it off daily (excluding rain etc of course)
One night I lost all lights (incl interior) except for headlights & I had to drive home that way.
They are prone to a vibration at various speeds that has yet to be fixed. Mine had it at 60+ MPH. Felt like a crazy monkey was shaking the wheel. Many folks have had this issue & their dealers could not fix it w/new wheels, tires, drive shaft, etc.
Heated seats took way too long to kick in
I felt like a 19 yr old douche driving the car
Throttle response is terrible
AC was not nearly cold enough
Suspension was too stiff on the track model for daily driving IMO, but that's me not the car.

I had Injen CAI & nitrous on the car. I could never get traction, but I was trapping 108 on 75 shot & 110 on 100 shot. Car ran 14.0 @ 99 stock w/anotehr garbage 60'

HIDs on that car were great though & the random function on the iPod worked as it should unlike on my BMW.

I will never buy another Hyundai unless I need a cheap shitbox beater.