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Originally Posted by mikeinsf View Post
No, I clicked the wrong QUOTE button, and have corrected my post to refer to the proper comment.

The fact that this is still going on, that it ever went on in the first place is just ugly... propagated by the same sort of racist element that attended McCain/Palin rallies wearing monkey masks, showing up at Obama rallies strapping weapons, etcetera. It's an exceedingly poor reflection on our nation.

The fact is a bunch of entitled WASPs... the kinder-gentler klan types are pretty pi$$ed we have a negro for president. That's the truth. I'm not saying you're necessarily one of those, but you and those like you abet their existence with your paranoid, unfounded insinuations.

He's an American, he's our President, and he's got black ancestry. Deal with it.

Did you just pull the racist card out? Really?.....Really?!?! Thats all you have?? This is a joke.. right?...Right?!?!