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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Yes! Is my answer. I have provided proof.

Now the burden is on you to prove my proof false. See attached images.

No, you have proof of scanning artifacts, not proof that the ORIGINAL CONTENT is any different than the CONTENT on the PDF.

You don't even understand the difference.

What CONTENT do you have proof is different than the original? The date? The location?

Here is how this would play out in court.

JUDGE: Mr. Obama, what proof do you have of your location of birth?

OBAMA: Here you go Judge, here are all the lawful documents:
1) Computer generated Certificate of Live Birth with raised seal.
2) Testimony of the Republican Gov. that it is true and valid.
3) Photocopy of the paper Certificate of Live Birth with state stamp
4) Letter from State of Hawaii validating it is a true copy.

JUDGE: These are all legally admissible and binding documents. You've met your burden 4 times over what any court would require. What do you have Mr. Birthtard?

DUMB-F**K BIRTHTARD: If you look here at this unofficial PDF scan, you can see that there are artifacts from the scanning process....

JUDGE: Unofficial PDF scan? WTF are you talking about? That isn't admissible. Don't you understand the difference between an original document and a scan that was produced to be quickly put on the internet in the middle of a news cycle? Get the F*** out before I put you in jail.

DUMB-F**K BIRTHTARD: But I got this from some random person on the internet, isn't that the same as evidence that came directly from the State of Hawaii??

JUDGE: That does it. Bailiff, wack his pee-pee.