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Originally Posted by ATG View Post
I like your sincerety and I wish every Christian would be as peaceful as you are. Whatever the labels are, if all people learn to accept all other different people around them there will be "paradise" on earth. This is so easy!!! But, ego, greed, and fear always stand in the way.
and RELIGION too.

the person you just replied to doesn't really live in religion. see how peaceful of a person he is by having a personal relationship with Christ.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
> she is buddhist and I am christian

I'm truly happy you've found a way to deal with your childhood trauma.
But what makes you more right than her?

At least in buddhism you don't have the power-hungry, money-grabbing, warmongering, murderous, deceiving pedophiles you find so often throughout the history of Christianity.

Sorry, your particular brand of god might be real and perhaps even worthy of worship, but his ground crew sux bigtime.
the ground crew you are referring to that are part of the history of Christianity aren't HIS real ground crew at all. they never followed the foot steps of the apostles in the Bible which are His real ground crew. they never really brought Christianity with them. they brought RELIGION to places as a front to take on people.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post

> into what christians truely believe instead of the actions of "catholic priests"

Catholic priests are the ones you're supposed to be looking up to for guidance. If god can't even keep his own house in order...

Religious people believe whatever they want to believe. It's an excuse to make their wrongs righteous and to cope with being wronged.

The fiercest believers are poor and mistreated and the worst tyrants do their slaughtering in god's name.

Look, honestly, I generally don't get into discussions like these. There's no point. You will always believe there is a god. You might change religion but your mind cannot cope with the absence of a god so anything I say becomes proof for a god in your mind. (Maybe it's god testing your faith!)
you are a bright person as you see the injustice of other people. people like the CRUSADERS are nothing but tyrants who used RELIGION as a front. they never were real CHRISTIANS. they called themselves Christians but just because they did doesn't mean they really are.

and GOD will never put the Catholic house in order because it was never His house. never been and never will. its a house of statues.

Originally Posted by ATG View Post
Interesting thought, UncleWede. And yes, let's keep the thread close to the original theme. So the question was why do we need mass religion as opposed to individual delusions, hallucinations, and fears. is mass religion as necessary as a government? Can people behave well if they have nothing to fear in the "afterlife?" Why mass religions are trying to supress human sexuality? There are just examples ...
RELIGION is not important to have an order.
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