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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
How do you explain the cut that i circled in red?? How do you explain that two pieces of paper were being merged together to look as one? See red giant red circle i posted above several times!

Can you explain anything??

Let me know ...

The PDF you are so stuck on clearly IS NOT the original PDF that was created in 1961 on the Kenyan computer system running the 1961 version of Adobe for Kenya.


The PDF is not the original document. It is a color digital scan of the original document. It could have flying monkeys coming out of the PDF, and it still wouldn't matter.

The CONTENTS of the PDF are not in question. Thus the FORMAT of the PDF, whatever artifacts were created during scanning, and whatever was done to defeat anti-copying measures are all irrelevant. Explaining multiple layers is irrelevant. Shadows are irrelevant.

The CONTENTS have been confirmed over and over, and have been certified by the parties that matter over and over.

Do you believe the CONTENTS of the PDF are correct? If not, what proof do you have that the CONTENTS of the PDF do not match what is on the certificate of live birth that is on record in Hawaii?

You have nothing. Nothing.

Do you think Obama was born in Hawaii or not?