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Heel/Toe Question

I have limited track experience of 7 days (over 3 events), so relatively novice. For all the events I have attended I have not been using any rev matching techniques.

My downshift methodology has been to make the shift very late in the brake zone, so the car is at it's slowest point. So if the brake zone is 100ft, I'm letting the clutch out around 90ft right before turn in. This has worked reasonably well so far (ie the car has maintained balance with no lock-up).

I have practiced heel/toe in street driving and I'm pretty comfortable with it and would like to use it at my next event (in June). Based on my late shift methodology I am a bit concerned about doing a newbie heel/toe shift, transitioning from brake to accelerator, and turn-in all at the same time. Seems like there is a lot of room for error.

Theoretically, if I rev match I should be able to do the downshift earlier in the brake zone (50-75ft), then the transition to the accelerator and turn-in would be a separate event.

I want to get confirmation that this is the correct approach. Keep in mind, I usually don't do sequential downshifts, I just jump to the gear I want to be in (example: 5-3).


For reference, the track I go to has two points that I am most concerned about, both are 5-3 downshifts from 110+mph to about 50mph.