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Originally Posted by BayerischeMotorenWerke View Post
What a crock of shit. Jav@vossenwheels and Javed@vossenwheels are obviously the same person. How many Indian guys named Jav(ed) are there that work in the wheel industry? How can you believe that anyone would actually buy this bull?
My name is Jav Azadi. I'm the president and owner of Vossen Wheels.

Javed Gul worked for us last year for about 5 months.

Originally Posted by Titan316 View Post
I honestly am kind of excited to see how this plays out right now. I thank you guys for your support and I bet as time goes by and this thread gets bigger more people from that meet will POP up and vouch for me. I also agree that Jav and Javed are very close, Jav maybe being the same as calling Matthew Matt. I am going to search every forum I can think of that would have vossen on their and search their posts and share this story with a link to this thread. I am on a mission at this point. I hate posting this negative crap, but I am not going to get played and then laughed at by vossen. Unacceptable. Any recommendations to other forums? Ryan, thanks for the pic, if you have any others please post.

Still waiting for my email also, Jav, if you can post on here, but not write to me personally, how do you expect me to believe you care about this situation at all. what it looks like is you guys want to save face on the forum, but not to me. That response should have been sent to my email, not posted on the thread as an excuse for others to see. The right approach is for you to rectify this situation, immediately, and let me share on the thread I started how my experience with your company played out. Not you coming up with excuses for others to read and possibly question. I am pissed at this point.

Still waiting.

I have not wrote directly to you because like I said in my last post I am waiting to get in contact with Javed to find out more about the situation.

I don't understand why you think you are being "played and laughed at" by us? I am looking into this for you..