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Originally Posted by NOVABlackX5M View Post
SEEMS like you and your daddy is in the wrong business.
I don't think so. We've had our share of nice cars. Still do.

Originally Posted by novablackm3 View Post

this thread is getting pretty funny now.. and off topic but i'll entertain you for the day.

first of all thank you for thinking i'm ~20 i'm actually in my 30's just blessed w/ good asian gene's.

'impossible for a ~20+ year old to own two cars w/out daddy'
Have you heard of the IT field? or just never heard or seen an entrepreneur or stock market? Really no need to justify to internet haters but i have been working my ass off for the past 13 years as you probably have been as well. I'm also part of a very successful company which i helped build. I'm also fortunate that my 'daddy' actually works for me,taking care of parents in korean culture is a pretty big thing.

Also some quick math 100k salary can't and shouldn't be able to afford a 100k car. generally 1/3 or 1/4th of your yearly income should be what your car is, otherwise your stretched too thin or don't have a mortgage lol.
For example if your making 100k anything above 30~40k car is really financially irresponsible if you have other bills to pay..

'I run a family owned business with my father, that's why I can afford what I can.'
guess your the one who has daddy involved. Sounds like its HIS business, taking money out of the family business to drive a nice car... prob not the best business decision. Just make sure your daddy is taken care of first before you take money away from your families livelihood

'The only concern that I have was that no money could of really saved him if a pedestrian had come out of nowhere and was hit and with those speeds, nodoubt would of been dead'

common man stop being so over dramatic it was a quick run on an open road w/ NO one walking the sidewalks, you telling me you NEVER took off like that on the streets? different story if this went on for a few miles but it was for LESS than a 1/4 mile sprint.

Back to cars..

We did do a few more runs w/ me driving and the results were quite different w/ the m3 pulling ahead easily once traction hooked up. I do agree that the m3 on a roll wasn't holding gear but neither was the x5m... this wasn't a m3 bashing thread from an x5m owner i own both cars and LOVE them both.
Who said anything about taking money out of the business? My father has worked his butt off and that's the reason I'm in the business, so he can retire. Same thing goes for the Middle Eastern culture, parents are dear.

Didn't you just say you're part of a family owned business as well?

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My 23 year old daughter makes that and so does her 24 year old roommate and it has nothing to do with me, other than maybe good genetics and paying for most of her college. Top graduates in a number of degree fields can make that much right out of college.

Of course, 100-grand ain't what it used to be...

Having too many degrees is never a bad thing. That's how you get things done at a young age. You've raised her well, dear sir.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...