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This was a giveaway from Vossen directly. Not a 3rd party or local shop. The guy who was the rep there gave me his phone number on a piece of paper and told me to call him. Called, no answer to vmail. left message waited a few days, text a few times back and forth, never heard from the guy again. Soon after I emailed Vossen off the website, and here we are almost a year later, still running my SL-5's from DPE, and I would have never said a thing, until I see these posts creeping up. I promise you, I am the most laid back guy out there, but I will never sit back and get screwed, which is EXACTLY how I feel. I take these issues VERY personally, and very seriously. I let it go because I am happy with the DPE set up im running, but I simply don't believe people who do what was done to me DESERVE to benefit in any way. I'm disgusted that I even have to defend myself or say anything in the first place. I have random people PMing me saying they were thinking of getting Vossen this or that, is this story true. Yes, it's true. I'm not responding to these PM's, not to be rude, just follow the thread and at the conclusion of this situation I will either say these guys definitely messed up, but they went out of their way to fix it and make me happy, or these guys are people you need to stay away from and that will be the end of that.