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The dude at the show was an Indian guy, yes. I don't remember his name.

I don't know how on this planet you can offer out a set of wheels, have them claimed by the winner, have a rep there take all my info and give me his phone number and then forget about it. To add to that, saying I never sent an email is calling me a flat out liar. I don't appreciate that. Believe me I have better things to do than make up a story about winning best car in show on this board to cause static for a wheel company. I would prove I sent an email to Vossen but I am not searching back hundreds or thousands of emails to find it. I won a set of wheels for my car from Vossen at that show. Hundreds of people were there, 100's of people saw. Maybe all those people dont check this vendor section, but I guarantee you right now if you put a picture of my car up everyone will remember. I am not calling anyone to fight over a set of wheels, period. If a Vossen rep, who has a SAY and can fix this matter wants to call or email ME with the INTENTION of rectifying the situation, you can bet every dollar to your name I will speak highly of the company and if they can prove to me it was an UNINTENTIONAL screw up on their end, all will be forgiven and I will 100% back their claims to being a company that does right by their customers and wouldnt risk their reputation on over 30 forums over one set of rims for an e92 M3.

I will give out my personal cell phone number and my email for this to be resolved and I will post daily updates here and on other sections and if need be other boards to either A) protect people from getting conned like I did, or B) praise Vossen for taking responsibility for a mistake on their end, rectifying that mistake, and showing true professionalism.

My email is, I welcome any email Vossen or their guys want to send out to me.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.