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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
So to prove the authenticity of the moon landing, you gonna build a rocket?
You are rude and condescending. The questions being raised in this and other threads about citizenship have absolutely no relationship to the moon landing. Only you blind followers are talking about the moon landing as if that dimishes us who have no argument about the moon landing.

Since you think that your conclusions about what is "natural born Citizenship" is the end of discussion, let's just leave it as the end of YOUR part of the discussion. You have offered absolutely nothing of value regarding the subject. You are a bitter little man with bliind faith in your Obamassiah.

As for my opinion on what constitutes "natural born Citizen", I have not come to a conclusion for those with a foreign parent. I am not pursuing research alone, at this time. I did a lot of research a few years ago regarding the nature of McCain's citizenship and came to a conclusion satisfactory for me about that.

Perhaps Jerome Corsi will have researched the issue and documented it in his new book that is now shipping.

You seem to think there is something wrong with people asking questions that have not yet been answered in any convincing way. You would be better off just withdrawing from citizenship discussions if you are not going to contribute anything but your unfounded conclusions.