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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
My 23 year old daughter makes that and so does her 24 year old roommate and it has nothing to do with me, other than maybe good genetics and paying for most of her college. Top graduates in a number of degree fields can make that much right out of college.

Of course, 100-grand ain't what it used to be...

In my field, almost no one has a college degree, some don't have a high school diploma. About half the people I work with are <26 yrs old and they make between 80-120k/yr plus they live in the south so there mortgages are on a 50-100k house.
For some reason I just don't feel comfortable having a large car loan, maybe if I made >400k/yr I might have an X5M and an M3. Wish I could just go drive into a BMW dealership and order an brand new M3, I'm not home enough to justify it.......

On the X5 Topic- I wonder how a tuned X5 D would do from a 30- roll on? (over 550 ft. lbs.)