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Cool Lightweight BMW E90 M3 CRT Continues Testing on the Ring

Lightweight BMW E90 M3 CRT Continues Testing on the Ring
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We bring you the latest spyshots of the BMW E90 M3 Lightweight model allegedly called M3 EVO. BMW is performing last tests on the Nürburgring prior to the offical unveiling at the M Night on June 23rd.

BMW allowed us an early glimpse at the car back in April. The M3 EVO is said to be slotted between a regular E9x M3 and the extreme M3 GTS. Powered by the already famous S65 V8 engine, we expect an output in the neighborhood of 440hp. BMW will use the M3 EVO to showcase the increasing use of lightweight materials and parts, such as lightweight seats and brake discs, among other things. Despite all the weight-saving, the M3 EVO will retain its practicality - seating 4 adults comfortably.

Missing in these shots is the front lip spoiler, but we expect the final production model will have it, as seen in recent photos. As with all M3 EVO prototypes spotted before, the car features the same non-metallic dark blue color which we expect may the be standard color for the M3 EVO.

BMW will share all details on the Lightweight M3 EVO on June 23rd, so stay tuned! Unfortunately, this M3 model will not be available in the US market, due to homologation issues (source).

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