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as one of the ESS owners who tracks, I can vouch for the fact that the ESS cooling system works perfectly. while I don't have a gauge to measure IAT's, I do monitor water temp and this car does an exceptional job of shedding heat from hard track use.

I would also add, more specifically to Roman's first point above, that the placement of the intake has a considerable effect on IAT's. one of the biggest draws of the ESS system for me was the placement of the air filter to draw air from outside the engine bay.

in any case, you can have intellectual debates over the merits of air/water or air/air cooling, but all that matters for us is which is more effective in a the e9x M3 application. Roman has posted plenty of information before on IAT's relative to ambient temp - those are the numbers that count.
+1 I have run my ESS E90 M3 at several track events and never had an overheating issue. All temps are exactly on par with other N/A E9x M3's on the same track! In fact, several instructors have driven my car on the track and are continuously impressed by the power and that all temps are normal after hard track sessions. I cannot wait for the next track event.

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I want some!

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wow... this thread blew up!
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