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Originally Posted by tazam3 View Post
Lmao! My car has NEVER EVER blown a motor. Even with nitrous as an AA supercharger on the stock motor. Nice attempt tho, since ESS couldn't come up with a better number had to try a low blow. Didn't work though.
That is not what people that know you say. Anyway, a one off custom turbo project with stand alone ECU is nothing we are interested in doing or even use as a reference. If you want to talk hi-power, one off turbo builds, you should check out VS Motor in Norway, they make your M3 look very tame. Point is, once you go stand alone all the rules have changed and things suddenly become very easy. Simply bolt in strong enough internals and a massive turbo/fuel system and the rest is cake.

On the E46 M3 stock ECU platform we did hold the Nürburgring track record for 4yrs with a off-the-shelf production VT2 kit (w/liquid-to-air IC for those interested). I would be very surprised if you could even make it one lap around the ring in your car.