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Originally Posted by tazam3 View Post
Im seriously having the best entertainment tonight! Why post that graph, doesn't even come close to mine. Since you love posting who has higher Hp numbers, guess I win this time huh AJ? No fake or other car's dyno's here..

Anyone can huh? Like you? No buddy, you cant because you haven't. I didnt want a limited power car (on a stock ecu), I wanted big power! And the fact that AA did it all is way more then I can speak about your unprofessional cocky ass.
Taz I do sence you're a cool cat but I have to disagree with you here , what AJ Is claiming is completely 100% legit for what the topic is about , recap ..... This is about supercharged E9x M3's and ESS simply has the best priced kit that puts out the most power with out blowing any Motors and moderate boost levels !
AA in my book has the worst figures thus far still early to tell, also with a lot of use less parts like 2 additional band aid bypass/blow off valves where as the 90% of forced induction cars use only one it's not like they have a secret mirical tune cause there figures say differently, Gintani from what I've seen and heard pretty much blew motors left and right with too much high boost , so it's safe to say AJ is by far one of the best tuners for this plate form so I think Omar Jean should get off his nuts at this point cause they are pushing him to stand by his product and make them look like fools , I would do the same if someone told me and orange has vitamin D ... Get my drift .....
With all this being said we shall see how AA 625 kit stacks up to ESS's 625 kit