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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Lately it seems I have agreed with the liberals on the court:

Kennedy said reducing the prison population could be accomplished in a number of ways besides simply releasing inmates. Some could be transferred to local jails or to prisons outside the state, something California already is doing. Expanding the use of “good-time” credits would allow the release of those least likely to reoffend; so would excusing prisoners now incarcerated for technical violations of parole.

“Diverting low-risk offenders to community programs such as drug treatment, day reporting centers, and electronic monitoring would likewise lower the prison population without releasing violent convicts,” he wrote.
The justice system and the penal system are both broken and something needs to be done about it. Some laws should also be changed to reduce the number of incarcerations. When you have so many more prisoners than facilities to keep them, and for 11 years! that is clear indication that it just isn't working.

I don't think building more prisons is the answer.

It's incredible to me that my wife who so often disagrees with me on so many of my conservative positions disagrees with me even in the rare cases where I take sides with the liberal position.
Not sure releasing prison inmates is necessarily a 'liberal' position, though. It's an economically and fiscally prudent decision to release inmates who have conducted minor drug offenses, and it also reduces the size of government -> both of which are arguably conservative philosophies.

That being said, I agree with your viewpoint.