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Originally Posted by Studntloan View Post
Because this is m3post which is for e9x and ess is more known for superchargers then anything, your comparison would go against an hpf car, and you also have a one off car from Aa, not saying anything bad about your car, it's amazing, but where talkin about production supercharger kits for the e9x m3 not one off turbos for the e46
Not true, he posted 2 non production kit dynos, one of a E92 and one of a S54. Also it is what AA built and what ESS built, its a company comparison just like they are making it to be. Notice his S54 dyno he still talks cocky and arrogant and claims they make the most power on the stock ecu. Its always a "Im the best" game with AJ, so im showing him hes not.

Thank you for the compliment as well.