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Originally Posted by AJ@ESS View Post
Reality is no customer of AA's E9x M3 Stage 2+ has ever come close to the 530whp they claim, we have many customers in the 580-600whp range on a kit we claim makes 530whp.

No need to attack a forum member, they are the very reason we are all in business. We have posted another thread with dyno information that you too can refer to. While we do commend you on building a good air to water system we decided to go the route best suited for street use. The fact is Jean has brought up some legitimate points and you continue to refer back to making X horsepower and have nothing to say regarding air to water systems or how extremely inefficient they become after a run or two.. Lastly to make it worse you have resorted to attacking fellow enthusiasts.

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in this discussion and keep it on a mature level

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p.s. ... And Jean is right AJ, history does have a funny way of repeating itself